Adventure Awaits. Wait No Longer

Finding Adventure is simpler than can be. It seems to be this idea that it has to be in a vast, exotic, indescribable location, which opens new doors full of endless opportunity and makes tomorrow both scary to think about, while at the same time a wait too long.

But Adventure is here now and is everywhere else at the same time.

As we journey onwards we automatically enter an adventure. It does not need to be somewhere or even the time spent somewhere. It is a feeling. It is an emotion. It is an action. Adventure is what we make it. 

Like any Adventure there is a start, there are side quests, there are challenges, there are amazing spoils and at the end of it a whole lot of LOOT. Adventure is your time spent and everything in between starting and finishing. It should never be capped, it can never be lost, but only forgotten. It should never just be a dream or a fantasy. But made a reality. 

Don’t wait for the right time to go on an Adventure. Run wild and free today. Take what it is you know. Take what it is you do. That one thing you call passion. Take it and run with it. Take it places you could never have dreamed of. But how you ask? 

Move onwards, take side quests and experience what and who you are, embrace the challenges and punch fear in the face. Take the spoils along the way and in the end (if not repeating the previous over and over again) enjoy the LOOT. 

My Adventure this year is to explore wider, grow deeper, focus further and hustle harder. 

I am nowhere near where I want to be, but I am a step closer to where I was before. Through expanding comfort zones, pushing myself and learning daily, nothing is too big. Be limitless and be free. Know that you can do it and know that in order to conquer it, all it takes is for you to accept your invitation to Adventure and set your sights on the continuous horizon. If you’re worried about failure, think again as without it – you will never succeed, so embrace, face it and fail your way to success. 

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