Day #5: Progress Not Perfection

You have started this Goal to conquer, to achieve and to be bigger and better than before. You’re not going to be perfect. You never will be!

But the more you progress, the more you keep to your goal, the further you will advance! It’s about the PROGRESS not perfection.

Believe in yourself, take action and just see what you are capable of!

Wise Words of Neila Rey:

If you have control over your body you have control over your life, the kind of control no one can take away from you. Every time you complete a training session, you add to your mental toughness, your ability to face hardship and power through; and that eventually becomes your identity. The attitude and the resilience you’ve put into training, becomes the driving force that pushes you upstream and through – towards the things you want and not the ones that just float by. 

Control over your life