Food For Thought #012: Live. Do. Be.

Living can be broken down to essentially two things. To live you need to be:

Doing and being.

Doing comes down to the actions and the steps we are taking in life, these are the tangible results and inputs we are applying to our lives.

Being comes down to who you are and what you believe. It will drive your doings, to the point in which it influences you with decision’s and the person you are or will become, but ‘being’ ultimately defines who you are if you are doing nothing. As the saying goes, strip away everything from a person and you are left with their true character.

So what character are you being?

Further to this point what if you apply integrity on top of this. Religious or not, integrity is a core value found many religions, lifestyle and even business core values.

Integrity should enable you to be and do to the point that no justification is required. Living in integrity should naturally define the decisions you are making, the actions you are doing and the life you are living and it should be assumed as per the expected.

But wait… What is this expected? Well let me tell you.

The only one dictating your terms and expectations is you and if you believe in something bigger, like I do, such as God, then he would be the only one dictating, influencing and setting the expectation. The world and its’ corrupt society as well as the everyday people just trying to find their way as much as you, will be sure to express their expectations to you. If you meet them, then kudos, if you don’t, well they were not your expectations in the first place…