Food For Thought #018: From This To That (Growth)

Growth is built up from weaving your way through this world and it is either going to be within your comfort zone or outside it. As you grow, as you learn and as you decide to really who and what you want to be in the world – you can begin to embrace, expand and absorb the unknown areas outside your comfort zone and begin to grow even more.

In order to progress into a greater state of growth, one must exceed their limits and comfort zones into where the remarkable happens. By pushing yourself into new areas you will have a chance to authentically define who you are, and break free of the limitations of what others think you should be. But also, growth outside your comfort zone can mean confidence in other areas of your life.

Living life uncomfortably is the only way to live. It’s being uncomfortable that makes you better. It’s being uncomfortable that reminds you you’re not where you want to be. It’s your road map for finding the finish line.

“Nobody ever died of discomfort, yet living in the name of comfort has killed more ideas, more opportunities, more actions, and more growth than everything else combined. Comfort kills!” — T. Harv Eker

As you learn to adapt and become comfortable, the more you can absorb outside your bubble. The more you absorb than the greater the consumption of knowledge, understanding and wisdom you will produce.