Food For Thought #049: New Year. New Change.

2017 is just around the corner and the most important thing you should be thinking about is asking yourself the question of what change will you apply in 2017 that will enable you to GROW?

Seriously… you need to think about this!

It’s easy to get into a routine, and eventually have that routine turn into a rut. If we’re not careful, our lives can eventually start to feel as though we’re living the movie Groundhog Day.

It is time to start thinking about what you can do and here are just some pointers to help prompt that very thinking:

1. Try Something New
2. Say YES More. (you can figure it out later)
3. Create more. Compare less, create more, and spend your days on activities that add meaning to your life.

As Neil Gaiman once said, “leave the world more interesting for your having been here.”

And make each year of your life more interesting than the one before.

This year I wanted to change the world. Actually, I’ve always wanted to change the world and even though we may not have the ability to make the BIG impacts we dream of right away. We can continue to move forward and live daily in a manner which promotes such change. Next year I am still confirming how and what I will be doing to up my game. But what I do know is whatever it is I do, I will be doing something which both excites me and scares the heck out of me.

What will you be doing to make a change? I know we can all use a little change ourselves.