Food For Thought #050: Reflect. Grow. Results

It is amazing how far we can go from A to B without even realizing it. Especially when we do not reflect. Life is full of roller-coasters and obstacles that steer us ahead and across different paths. Some of these we may plan for and others we don’t, regardless they grow us, whether we can identify that immediately or not – growth comes in sprints and marathons. 

We should reflect regularly on the travels we have embarked and the journeys we have taken to get to here. With that said, I encourage you to begin prepping for what is ahead. When was the last time you put some real tough goals into your life and set a routine to actually deliver the result you want? Don’t be subtle either and don’t be small. Think big and deliver bigger.

If you have an ambitious goal to retire young, to be this or to do that. Well, don’t just say it. Set up some milestones you can track to monthly, quarterly and annually. As if you don’t… who is keeping you accountable?

2017 is just over the hill and it will be 2018 in no time. Stop living in a dream world of just dreams and ideas. Start living in a forward way of thinking and accentuate on the future.

Your endgame will be the result of where you worked to be. – Chris Furlong