Food For Thought #038: Sometimes We Surprise Ourselves

Sometimes we surprise ourselves, but only if we are willing to dive in and give it a go. When was the last time you took a leap and did something, you had planned to do for like forever, but kept putting off? When was the last time you took a chance to grow. A chance to further your lifestyle. We can do it practically in any way possible, all it needs to be is a stretch from what you are calling the “norm”. Unless you’re comfortable with the norm, I suggest you take that chance and see what capabilities you are hiding.

This year I had a plan to attempt a 10KM. This year I had a goal to attempt to complete a 10KM. No matter the result I would do mt best. As I built up my mind to finally make the decision to actually do it – I said to myself, regardless of the outcome, regardless of where I land, all I need to do is just finish. Get to the end point whether it be with ease or in pain, I was persistent to complete it.

So I did.

50:59 minutes later and averaging 5’06” per km I had done it. I had conquered what I had set out to achieve and what is more, I did it better than I expected and I surprised myself.

You too can surprise yourself by ensuring you have 3 things in check:

Half the problem before we can even get out there and give it our best shot, is we are too scared to get out there to give it a shot in the first place. If you’re not willing to grow, willing to be stretched, then I am sorry, but you’re not ready for the next big thing in your life and it isn’t just going to fall into your lap all nice and wrapped with a note saying “Congratulations, you have conquered more”. You need to get out there and CONQUER on your own.

A few tips to help your will be ready for growth:

  • Humble yourself. You’re not perfect. In order to be more, you must do more
  • Attitude reality check is the best thing you can do
  • Practice spreading your wings, take small chances, take little dips into the new and warm yourself up to the deeper waters

Before you can get out there and take a chance and dive into something new, you should work to do it in line with something you’re wanting to grow. Having a goal in mind (if it scares you even better), will help you stay true to your “big picture plan”. Then again, if you want to jump out of a plane for the thrill to awaken something inside of you, I won’t stop you, but see if you can do the similar experience in line with your goals, passions and dreams.

Remember to keep your goals – SMART.

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Timely

If you’re willing to GROW, you have a goal in mind, but your are fearful. Well this is your lucky day, as this is the best thing you can surprise yourself with. You may doubt, you may second guess, you may have no idea what so ever, but what you do know is you want to do it sometime. Well this is your chance. Don’t put it off anymore due to this whole idea of FEAR, Fear will keep you comfortable. The key here is to get uncomfortable and spread your wings into new things!

A few tips to help you forget fear:

  • Admit you are scared in the first place
  • Ease into the process of facing these fears and CONQUERING them
  • If everyone gave into their fear, we wouldn’t have majority of the great people of this time today