Food For Thought #046: Journey A Little

Never did I expect what I have now done. Nor did I expect to do what I am now planning to do. It wasn’t until I had made the decision to do it, that I realized I could, or even had the idea of doing more. Life is a series of paths, decisions and trials. We will deviate, we will take shortcuts, we may even take the scenic route. But it isn’t always about the best path chosen, but the journey to the destination. Journey is key. It’s what makes everything more than just something. It is what enables us to become. Sticking to the same old route may keep things simple and steady, but there will be no challenges. Without challenges, there is a lack of growth and without a lack of growth how will you expect to become more?

Think about your day. From a journey perspective. You start the day in preparation for your quest, your mission to go face reality and to make a difference, or at least a rumble or two. Is this what you are doing? Or you are you too focused on just getting to the destination… the end of the day.

Journey a little. Focus on the experience, not the destination. – Chris Furlong