Food For Thought #048: The Sky Is The Limit

You will never know your limit until you reach it, but not knowing your limit should never hinder you from pursuing new levels in the first place. Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and so on and so fourth you will continue to encounter new challenges and new levels. There is no denying that these will come. But they should be seen as OPPORTUNITY.

Do not avoid going forward, thinking that you can go around the obstacles in front of you and it will make it easier, is a mistake. A journey is never meant to be plain and simple. That would be boring. Go straight through and see what comes. As the challenge comes, embrace it. Challenge it back.

Do not be hindered by what-what you can or cannot see. Limits are in the mind.

You should be working smart while at the same time believing that you have the power to make your life better.

Here’s how to work hard:

  1. Be grateful for what you have.
  2. Use what you have.
  3. Discover your strengths.
  4. Work smart while working hard.
  5. Find your motivation.