Food For Thought #052: That’s All Folks For 2016

Did you imagine you would be here a year ago for 2016?
Did you plan to be here a year ago for 2016?
This year has had its fair share of ups and downs and I know for certain regardless of the journey it has enabled each and every person to grow. Whether we know it now – sooner or later we will be able to reflect on the growth 2016 has given us. 
Coming to an end of a year makes me anxious. It is a time in which I prepare for the next big thing for the next big year. I procrastinate, almost on purpose as I know the real idea, goals and dreams I wish to pursue and implement for 2017 will come to mind at the very last moment. In doing so I then need to HUSTLE in the last moments of the year to bring to life the plans and actions for 2017. 
2017 scares the heck out of me. So did 2016 but 2016 is done and dusted. It has been conquered. 3 Keys I have taken from 2016 which I wish to blog about in early 2017 were:
  • DOUBT & FEAR: It scares us, motivates us, but can ultimately enable us. 
  • HUSTLE: You can do it – you just need to keep at it
  • DISCOMFORT: The state in which one can maximize growth potential
Look out for these Blogs coming early 2017. 
When I set out to do Food For Thought posts for 2016, they were smaller blogs with the intention to provide some motivation, insight and peculiar thought with the intention to help you think outside your own box. Whether or not did it achieve that, I will never know. I just hope you have been able to take what I have shared and made use of it. 
Wishing you all the VERY BEST for 2017. Don’t start your 2017 goals next year, start them today – start by planning.