Introducing HUSTLE & J1135 Series

Today I will be introducing something new. But before I get to that… Last year I was dedicated to providing weekly content being:
  • Massive Monday
  • Food For Thought
As the year progressed I slipped in a weekly HUSTLE post as well. 
2017 is different. 2017 is also very similar. But different. 
There will be no more Massive Mondays. There will be no more Food For Thoughts.
However, there will be HUSTLE posts and a new series called J1135 (that’s John 11:35).

So what does this mean? 

  1. It means you have some new and exciting content. YAY!
  2. HUSTLE will remain the same, or very similar, however, I wish to have more and more featured photos from people supporting the page. 
  3. HUSTLE will continue to be posted on my @_clfurlong_ Instagram, but it is also now being represented as a single platform over at @_hustlehustle_ Instagram. 
  4. J1135 is a new series, which I actually (almost) started back in 2014/2015. 
  5. What is J1135?
J1135 is simply but ultimately the very essence it represents… that Jesus Wept. Through sympathy and tenderness it expresses even though he walked in divinity, he lived as a man. In reflection, we should be doing the same. Though we walk as man/human – we should be living in divinity (or of God). Walking in his will. 
The intent of J1135 is simple and to be short… To share and spread short yet powerful verses/quotes and encouragement that we may be reminded of John 11:35 and the deeper meaning it represents and further suggests in our own walk with God. 


Hustle will continue to come out Thursday Evenings
J1135 will be one the Weekend and I am intending it to be on Sunday. 
For a sneak peek head on over to the below and PLEASE make sure you follow: