It get’s you moving, it makes you feel alive. It is real.

I never really was a runner. I never wanted to be and neither did I plan to be. Yes, I ran in high school but it was merely participating in school sporting activities and funnily enough my worse injury to date was from running not in an event but at the end of a school day to my bag collection area. Running with excitement, when I stopped I landed directly on a root. Click, snap and roll. There went my ankle. Just a sprain, but enough to give me some crutches and limping for a week or two. 

I didn’t care. Well I cared and was annoyed I had hurt myself, but I didn’t care I had done it running, I didn’t care that I wouldn’t be able to run for a period of time, I did not even care that I couldn’t walk fully. It was more the inconvenience which frustrated me. I even was able to take a day or two off school! It was a silver lining. 

Oh, how things were so much simpler back then. No frustration, no worry, no stress. It all seemed so easy. 

Today. I run. I run a lot. Well not as much as I would love to. But enough to want me to run more and to continue running. I am yet to really lock down what caused me to start running in the first place. Some of it was weight loss, but the actual tipping point of getting out there still remains a mystery. Whoever you are that influenced me to run. Thank you. You changed my life. 

So here I am. Frustrated. Grumpy. Annoyed. But mostly frustrated. Running has, is and will continue to be something which gives me a moment to appreciate everything. It reminds me of my capability, ability, and my success. When you run, you win. You may lose a race, but every step you take is a step closer to something else. It is heart pumping, heart racing and full of adrenaline. It get’s you moving, it makes you feel alive. It is real. 

To keep it short. Things don’t always go as planned. And being the type of human I am, I take these setbacks so personal, so serious and so intimately. You can catch a quick view of my feeling (emotions) here on video ( Basically the latest details is I have a case and combination of:

  • IT BAND Syndrome;
  • TFL Syndrome; and
  • Localised Bursitis Tendonitis

I will be slowing it down. Taking a few weeks off (oh that scares me) but with strength conditioning, mobility training and some ongoing massages and dry needling. I think I will be back stronger than ever. It just may mean some goals will be delayed… or put on hold. 

In the mean time. Keep an eye out for some other hobbies to fill in the gaps in between.