Life’s An Adventure If You’re Daring Enough

We were born to thrive. Born to grow. Born for adventure. But by nature we fear. By nature we hide. By nature we remain comfortable.

Take a page from a dog’s life. By nature they face fear, by nature they seek and by nature they like to get messy. They were born to thrive, they were born to grow and they were born DESTINED for adventure.

Life is an adventure if you’re daring enough.

The last place you want to find yourself is that really scary place of losing that forward momentum, as I can guarantee you that it will be harder to get moving again from a standstill, then reaming in drift mode. It gets much tougher to get things going again. Another way of putting it, is it’s easier to steer a moving vehicle. It’s kind of like trying to start pedaling a bike in a high gear. It’s really difficult to get the wheels turning.

I have always been a fan of Casey Neistat but of late I have reconnected and have become a regular subscriber to his vlogging content, in which he shares his day-to-day life as he hustles his way to being a greater him. Along the way he has shared some amazing wise words some being:

“I’m never going to get any younger, but right now I’m completely healthy, I’m full of energy, and who knows how long this will last. I doubt I’ll be feeling that when I’m 50 or 60 years old – so I want to do it, now.”  – Casey Neistat

Ever since I first heard him say this, every time I’m being lazy I think to myself “it’s never going to get any easier.” Which means I need to step up and keep on keeping on. If you have big things you want to do in life, or even little things for that matter, the time to take action on them will always be right now.
Referring back to a dog’s life, we can all learn a thing or two from their lifestyle and here is how you should apply them:

Face Fear

Fear is what we make it. If you accept it, you will fall a slave to it. Fear is here to hinder you. But it should never stop you. Fear should be fueled as a motivation to push further and hustle harder. Punch fear in the face and the worse thing that can happen is you all flat on your face, but then you get up and do it again. Fear will limit your opportunity to grow. Fear will disable your ability to become more. Fear will enable failure. Sometimes it isn’t about being the best, but having the best attitude to get out there and give it a go, with the intention to be competent enough to continue on to bigger and better things. Through confidence, competence will come and you’ll throw fear out the window. 
A few tips to punch fear in the face:
  • Do it once and it will become easier the next time
  • Take small bites, stepping-stones 
  • Have a support crew. Someone to pat you off you and get you back up

Seek More

The world is never going to come to you. Get out there and seek what you’re looking for and take (within reason) what you want. Adventure is calling and adventure is any mans definition, so just define it how you see it. Don’t be overwhelmed, influenced or intimidated by someone else’s highlight reel, but get out there and make adventure how you want it to be. Like a puppy, like a dog, adventure is travelling the streets while it’s owners work the 9 to 5. Hustle!
A few tips to seek more:
  • Do more, do more new stuff
  • Enjoy the moment, and plan for nothing more
  • Chase your dream, no matter its possibilities

Get Messy

The longer you remain comfortable, the longer you will remain static. Static is boring. Get messy. Get out there and explore yourself in the world of opportunity. Yes you will make mistakes, but you will also be something more than you could have ever been before. Take a chance. Jump in puddles! Boots or no boots. Life is an adventure, if you’re daring enough. 
A few tips to get messy:
  • Be spontaneous
  • Stretch yourself
  • Like a boss, take a page from Richard Branson – “If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!”

So this is your moment, this is your chance. Face fear, seek more and get messy. Life is what you make it. Life can be an adventure. If you dare.


I dare you!