Like An Ice Cream Truck In Summertime

There you have it. Another year is done and dusted. They seem to come and go like the ice cream truck in summer. You hear it coming, your experience it for a moment and then within a flash it is gone, leaving you in the dust with a dint in your wallet and a short stint of happiness. The most memorable part is the tune the truck plays as it sprints back and forth down the streets.
Was this your 2016? A year of expected hypes, small experiences, moments passing in a flash, a feeling that you didn’t save enough and your happiness was only for periods of time? Oh, don’t forget the tunes you still have bopping through your head…
Is this you? Whether it was or it wasn’t. Don’t blame the year that was on things around you, or make excuses of why it wasn’t the year it could have been. Yes, there are plenty of UNCONTROLLABLE factors we encounter through life, but there are MORE than enough chances and opportunities we can take to better enable the year to flow and be what it could be.
There is a statement that says:

1 Year = 365 Opportunities

That is exactly what it is. If you could take each day of the year and focus the day on growth, on becoming the best version of you, imagine the possibilities. Imagine what and who you could and would be. Aside from still being you, you would be the happiest version of yourself and surely the ultimate version of yourself. But what does this even mean? What does an opportunity look like? What does being you or an “ultimate you” look like…
That is for you to define. But let me give you an idea of how you can define it.
Picture yourself in 5, 10, 20 years from now – or for the fun of it when you have retired. What are you doing? Where are you living and what does your lifestyle look like? Who are you, what are your daily routines and what is your life consumed of? Whatever this may look and feel like it is none the less driven by how you play out opportunities. So how do you get these opportunities? You need to face your fears, tackle your doubt and expect things of yourself. You can be and do whatever you want. But you have to also be the one to do it and put in the time, work and effort.
Is it worth it?
Well if the definition you have of the ultimate you is big bold and beautiful, then yes it is worth it. You need to HUSTLE big and HUSTLE strong. You will need to rise early, grind hard sweat and most likely cry. But if you can take each day as an opportunity to work towards being the ultimate you or let’s say investing in yourself to have a better you and lifestyle in the future – then WHY WOULD YOU NOT?
2017 scares the heck out of me. But so did 2016. Every year is full of surprises and unknowns but this is the nature of it. We can make the most of the daily opportunities presented to us. We can choose to embrace the growth or we can choose to run away and just make it through on the sidelines.
This year can be and should be the year for you. 2016 was great for me. Even though I failed in areas I thought I would fly through, reality is these are not failures. They are just setbacks, they are delays and they are just all part of the journey. It will be the failure when I say enough is enough and throw in the towel. Starting this new year is a time to start fresh. Like each day, like each week, month… we can start fresh.
Likewise, you can start fresh this year and you can start fresh each day. Get out there and make a dint in the world. Work forward and towards what it is you have in mind for your future and do it with confidence knowing each day you can do a little more.
What will 2017 look like for me?
I have big dreams, but I am still putting them into plan while in taking action at the same time. They way I do this is I take January as my trial month. I try out the things I want to make consistent for the year, I try out potential goals and plans for the month and what sticks is what I will invest in for the year. Some of these are repetitive from the year before, but usually, I like to up the anti, increase the challenge or sometimes I will go cold turkey and surprise everyone including myself.
What I can tell you is this:
Outside of these points, keep your eyes peeled for some new and different things.
But ultimately I will be playing this year out following the words of Michael Jordan:

You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them. – Micheal Jordan