Massive Monday #019: A Little Consistency

If your morning routine is setting the tone for your whole day then imagine what would happen if  you do each morning right, for the rest of your life…

Consistency is key. Especially when we combine this with an overall perspective.

People, including yourself may find it bizarre that the idea of relaxing could be productive, running or blogging. Personally I have found that a strong and effective routine, can bring happiness in the weirdest ways. Simplifying your life down to the details and time boxed, enables you to focus and stay true to your own goals as well as breakdown and eliminate excuses. I don’t fill out my calendar, nor should I have to. I say to myself, this is when I will do it, this is how I will do it and that is that. The plan is set. Any alteration from this set plan is when I become restless and unfocused, even to the extents of being aggravated or easily annoyed. As any slip or lacking to complete a schedule routine – to me comes as a failure, or that I am not staying consistent with my plan to move forward and if I am failing to move forward, I am letting my old self or lazy self win and I am essentially becoming less of a greater me.

 “Action is the foundational key to all success.” – Pablo Picasso

If you are consistent you will keep it. Not just what you have achieved, but the mindset, the discipline and the attitude. So when you work for something do it consistently. You will find the smaller routines you create in life enable a slipstream of time throughout the day. The less decisions, the less confusion and the less unknown to worry about, the more time you have to focus on the bigger things requiring attention in life.