Massive Monday #039: When Opportunity & Preparation Collide

I’ve never really been a man to believe in luck. But I have decided that maybe luck isn’t beating the odds, but it is as told by “Casey Neistat”. That luck is the collision of opportunity and preparation. Everyday we find ourselves in a world of opportunity. Every given moment, every corner and every person we meet. These are all opportunities. But in these moments, in these instances are we actually prepared for however we need to be? Are we prepared fully enable, ignite or fulfill the opportunity before us. The short answer is no. Why? Because we are sidetracked or boxed into this mindset of our routine lives to help our idea of the world to spin madly on.

But on the other-side, we are sometimes always prepared for the perfect opportunity, (the one we are looking for) but sometimes it doesn’t come… and as hard as it is to admit. That is okay too.

So why can’t we just wait around until the ‘perfect’ opportunity comes. Well think of the lottery, given the odds, one could go several lifetimes without winning even a mid-tier prize, much less the big one. I don’t think that’s a very useful way to spend our time, emotion, or effort waiting for this to happen. Action, in my opinion, is the actual key here. As described before, the other two play their parts, but without action, you would not be prepared, nor would you be looking for opportunity.

You can be prepared, you can be seeking opportunity, but if you don’t take action on both, neither will happen. Furthermore, like any investment, you should not keep all your eggs in one basket. So don’t just prepare for one thing, and seek one opportunity – take action in multiple avenues.