Massive Monday #047: Pushing Your Limits

Last Monday I noted it is time to get COMFORTABLE with UNCOMFORTABLE. This time it’s all about pushing your Limits.

Taking what you know and STEPPING it up a notch is not only great for yourself, but depending on the task it can have great benefits for your body, mind and soul. With this in mind, it is the same for Pushing Your Limits!

Testing your limits changes your life. Finding out you’re a much more capable person than you’re giving yourself credit for is of immense value. – Brendan McCaughey

Pushing through the mental or physical walls that are holding you back can reveal a glimpse of your true potential. Not giving up at a key moment of exhaustion and weakness of the will is an amazing feeling.

However, we won’t always be as STRONG as we would like and this means we will fail. We will let ourselves down. When we do, we need to learn to smile in moments of suffering. Reframing thoughts and beliefs to emanate a great optimism in the worst of times can be an incredibly valuable life skill. Being in a good mental space or looking at the bright side of a situation does wonders for how that situation is resolved. It could always be worse thinking, is a great way to start.

The point is, you need to be PUSHING your limits. You need to be willing to go the extra mile, knowing you might not be able to. If you do, you will GROW in wonders. If you don’t you will still grow as you’ve still just given it your best.

Get out there and HUSTLE today!