Massive Monday #048: Dream Big. Dream Bigger

DREAM BIG and continue to DREAM BIGGER. I’m no superstar, but I’m not a “nobody” either. I am me. I am anything I want to be. What I am now, what I plan to be and what I turn out to be. It all comes down to me. Like me, you are the same. You’re not a “nobody”, you’re not “nothing”. You’re everything you want to be and plan to be. 
No, I am not ignoring the big GAP between now and that DREAM. I know it is there. You and I both have no idea what is there. We can both agree, the something, the nothing or whatever it is between NOW and the DREAM is the journey to something more than now. The best thing (only real thing) you can do is take steps forward. Take steps into a direction of something that excites you, that inspires you, motivates you and PUSHES YOU TO YOUR LIMITS. Step foot into the unknown, into the fear and doubt and show yourself you really are and what you are more than capable of. 

“Without passion, there’s nothing. You wouldn’t be in the river in the freezing cold. You wouldn’t be returning hours and days to find a stone.” – Chris Hood

I have a dream. I have a big dream. I have plans. I have big plans. But I have a journey and I think it will be a BIG journey. My solution is I’m taking step by step approach. Literally one foot in front of the next!
What will you do?
Want some inspiration? Some motivation. This guy will have you wanting to get your butt moving onwards to that DREAM.
A 50-mile race, then tack on the 50k race the following day in what has been coined, The Squamish 50/50.