Massive Monday #51: The End Is Near

The end of 2016 is closing in. When I started this series of “Massive Monday” the intention was to push you with a big enough or small enough kick on a Monday Morning to hopefully get you moving forward towards your goals. Whether or not you have moved forward, I have been consistent in curating this content. 
With this said, I am reminded to back when this did start. From the beginning, there was a small note regarding the different kinds of people in the world.

There are two kinds of people in this world: 

  1. The ones who dread Monday, they call Wednesday “hump day” to mark the halfway point of their week, and say “thank God it’s Friday,” to congratulate themselves for having survived another week at their job.
  2. The ones who are excited by the prospect of another week of producing results. They don’t refer to their work as “the grind,” they don’t say they’re “living the dream,” and they don’t count the hours until Friday at 5:00 PM. Monday People count outcomes, not hours.

So here we are just weeks out of completing and summing up 2016. Have you delivered on what you set out to do this year? Which type of person are you? Is it different to what it was at the start of the year? 

Whether or not you passed the year with flying colours or not. Today and next week are the final Monday’s that you can either leave a legacy of regret, or you can forget the past behind you and move forward with a legacy inspiring others to do the same. 
What will it be? You still have time to make some magic happen this year, however, you can also get a head start and begin PREPPING for next year. 
The next move is on you.