Welcome to 2016 – A Fresh Start

Welcome to 2016. 

This year will be exactly what you make it. Like the Monday of a new week, it is a fresh opportunity, a fresh chance to reset and to start again. It is a chance to start over and to begin creating something better. However, I would not suggest you go into the year needing or wanting to start over and over again each Monday. Your intention should be to be UNSTOPPABLE

This year you can be everything and anything you want. You can be a stronger you, a braver you and a kinder you. It is literally the beginning of anything you want. 

Starting today you need to forget 2015 and the things you regret – but bounce from the mistakes and look forward to how you are going to make 2016 your best year yet. 

First thing is first. You need to set some goals. Then you need to demolish them. If you haven’t yet set some goals – then do it today. Here is a quick approach you can use to set some kick butt goals:

  • Choose a maximum of three goals
  • Understand your motivation behind them
    • Create a benefits list of completing the goal
    • Create a downside list of not completing the goal
  • Focus on the process, not the outcome 
    • Identify the how and the daily habit you will create
    • Tip: Consistency is the key. 

Once you have some goals or a plan for the year – you also want to make sure you have some fun along the way. So don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life. Make sure you spice it up. 

2016 is a blank page and you have a chance to create and write something either remember-able, or forgettable. Make sure you write a good one! 

With 365 days ahead of you (actually 366 being a leap year) you have a chance to do something each day. Each day is a chance to do something great – so don’t waste it. 

Last year I ran the Project 365 Blog series here on my personal blog. This year, I will do it again but over at 365.christopherfurlong.com. Head on over and have a look. If you are not sure what I am referring to. This is a ‘FREE’ blog series to help inspire you to aspire to be the best you, with daily (each day for the entire year) inspiration, motivation and encouragement. So if you are interested, head on over and also check out the Facebook page and give us a ‘Like’ as well as subscribe to the blog as we kick off from TODAY.

2016 should be nothing less than MAGNIFICENT. If you want it to be, then begin by realizing you are the one in control. So each day is what make it and it all STARTS NOW. The best time for beginnings is now.  Today. 

As you begin the journey through the year, with whatever plans or goals you have. It is not about being perfect. It’s about the effort and consistency you put in. When you implement this every single day, this is when the transformation happens. This is how change will occur. So keep going each day and remember why you started. Because you want 2016 to be your best year yet. 

You know how in 2015 you thought about doing this, or that? You should go do them. You should step out of your comfort zone and really experience those dreams you have been longing for! It will be worth it. 

This whole new year 2016. Will essentially come down to DISCIPLINE. It will be about choosing between what you want now and what you want most. 

Life is a one time offer – make sure you use it well. 

So what does 2016 have in store for this blog? 

  • Since Project 365 has been relocated to its own platform, this has given me the opportunity to focus on blogging on a more personal level while at the same time, sharing some of the different things I do to become a greater and successful me. 
  • With this said, there will be a follow-up blog released early next week detailing what 2015 was to me and how I see 2016 being the step up for me.
  • I won’t be blogging daily here, but will be doing my best to ensure you have something to keep you going. If you need motivation daily, head on over to: 365.christopherfurlong.com
  • As you may have noticed – the site has taken a re-brand, and this will also be incorporated across the different things I will be introducing this year
    • Massive Monday’s (Motivation to make your Monday’s the best they can be) (sneak peek at bottom)
    • Food For Thought’s (Quotes and inspiration shared regularly which can be re shared) (See the featured image above)
    • and more to come…

I am excited about 2016 and I cannot wait to share with you what is in-store. I hope you will join me for another year and I hope that you can make this year your best year yet. 

Sneak Peek of Massive Monday:

MM #001